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Nature rules

The laws and codes by which we live are made by and for humans.
Disobedience is punished according to an agreed catalouge of punishements.


While our laws have changed over time, the most fundamental law; the law of nature, has never changed.

Following these laws is rewarded with the gift of a good life.

Disobedience however is punished with death.


In my quest to change, I realize how addicted I am to a lifestyle, which is ultimately causing death to me and the life of others.

The process of changing NordicByNature and my life is a process of compromises and a process of learning.


Everything in nature is more than one reason. According to the wisdom of the estonishing Kogi people, our main reason is to care for nature (follow this link to learn more).


I realize that while we are facing ever more complex challanges in our society, the solutions remain simple.


The rules we have to follow to live are this:

-Only take as much as you really need.

-Give back as much as you took.

-Think and act always for the common good.

-Be good.

-Care for all life.


Following these rules makes it hard to run a business. But the question that should be asked is, if the business does any good to the community of life.

I understand that if a business wants to be ultimately successfull, it has to be designd in such a way that the rest of the global community benefits from it.

Only than a business can be and survive. Simple.










"The last solo" or "Walk the walk"

It is time to change.

You and me and many of us live a life that is not our human nature any more.
We were all born naked and were able to learn all needed survival skills by the time of reaching sexual maturety.

Today I read that every eighth death is caused by air pollution. And this is once again only counting humans.

It is easy to say that we have to change, and looking at the facts, it is also easy to agree. We  hardly know anything about how to live sustainably. We need to put ourselves back into balance with the rest of nature.
I am starting this blog after a series of experiences and dreams, which taught me a lot about myself, us nature, the world and about my way to go.


Last summer I saw dreams (accompined by daily visits of a small dragon fly), where I understood that I play an important role in changing the way in which we humans live on this (not our) planet.

Since these dreams, I was struggling to find out how to proceed. How to reach out and communicate to other humans? And how should we change?

Two days ago the dreams returned and I saw a small, dead dragonfly. Instead, I received visits from spiders.

The dreams provide answers to previous questions and I know now which way I should be going.

However, this will change my life and I wonder why this is surprising me, since it can only be about change.


Since it's beginning, NordicByNature has provided a unique line of products and services, with the teaching of nature awareness and wilderness skills as the highest prioity.

Customer feedback was always good and I feel that NordicByNature is a good starting point for more.

However a lot will have to change.


For starters, I will start spending the mayority of my time outdoors. The use of cars is not sustainable, so I will have to be happy with a bicycle.

In the next time, I will focus on learning more about being in nature and try to create some videos or blogposts.

Posts and videos will be about my experiences and about the lessons I learn, as I feel responsible to create access to this knowledge.


With these changes, you will soon also notice that NordicByNature is going to change. While I still want to make it possible for you to join me on my outings, I am going to change a few aspects.


New offer "Being good (in/to nature)"


I have started to think on how to operate NordicByNature without the use of money. In my opinion money was a bad idea (as btw were borders and the idea of possession), and I will need to find a way to live without needing it, if I want to be true to myself and my human nature.


The same thing goes for my passport and other ID-papers. In Nature are no borders. Every border we know is our creation.
Every fight, conflict and war is about different kinds of borders.
As we have to act as united humans to change our ways, we will be happy to understand a few principles we all share, so that it is easier to be good, true and fruitful.

And most importantly, I will need to change my life to be thinking and acting for the common good.


The facts are simple:

  • Life is/ We are and we were all born naked on one planet.
    We can not know existence. We have to believe that we are.
    The planet is our foundation and we are able to survive on it naked as we were born.
  • Being good is everything
    Every individuals commitement to the common good is the key to the common good.
  • Trust that everything and everybody is commited to the common good and life will be good.
  • The more we consume, the more we are consumed.
     (Meaning, the more we let live, the more we will live).
  • Nothing on earth can be owned, as we were born without possessions. Thus no profit can ever be made. We have no right to take possession of nature's produce.