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Christof "Huck" Middeke

Swimhiking in North Karelia
Swimhiking in North Karelia

Born 1979, Huck is the founder of NordicByNature.

He is specialised in Nature education, Nature awareness, wilderness skills, survival and lightweight hiking and also has many years of experience in teaching professional rope access techniques.
At university he studied Ethnology, Religions and Geography. He has a special interest in native skills and the interaction between humans and the rest of nature.


"When I am in the forest I feel amazed how simple life can be. I realize that we must apply the three laws of nature to every second of our lives, no matter who and where we are and what we do."

some of Huck's qualifications:
W.G.A.-guide Level II, Boreal
Wilderness Guide IWV

Canoe guide
Rafting guide
Rope Work Supervisor

ERCA Adventure Park Rescuer
Wilderness First Responder


Jaakko "Korpijaakko" Heikka

Packrafting the Poroeno river in Finnish Lapland
Packrafting the Poroeno river in Finnish Lapland
Jaakko is an outdoor enthusiast and qualified guide spesialiszed but not limited to lightweight hiking, packrafting and winter/Artic expeditions and survival. Jaakko prefers the barren and remote Northern wilds but also enjoys the forested woodlands of Eastern Finland.

Miika "Hagrid" Juvonen

1977 born, guide from eastern finland. First memories of outdoor life and camping are from eighties. Fishing as  a hobby started about 30 years ago and hunting about 20 years ago. Most of the knowledge is from forest woodlands and willing to learn more. as work guiding experience is from white water rafting.

Canoe guide
Rafting guide