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Way to go:

The United Nations' Earth Charter; a fundamental piece for all of us. is more and more endorsing it.
Earth Charter

The Wilderness Guide Association this non-profit is likely the best adress for wilderness guides and those who are looking for one.

Partners and friends

Page about swimhiking by Peter Hayes, UK

Inventor and manufacturer of our sailing-sets:

"An outstanding winter holiday option in North Karelia":

Puska Nordic trails


Survival Guild of Finland:


Ilustration and Grafik:


Geoffrey McMullan, expert on nature awareness and author of the Discover Nature Awareness books


NordicByNature uses Picogrill woodstoves. Lightweight, durable and environmentally sound.


Our guides are trained in wilderness first aid by Wilderness Medical Associates.


Useful infos

Naturally nordic weather:


Hiking in North Karelia:

Map services and other information:
National Land Survey of Finland