Lightweight hiking

Due to our long experience in hiking and survival skills (where you carry very little gear), we have a lot of knowledge of lightweight hiking.
If your backpack is a burden and you do not enjoy hiking because of the heavy loads, we will be happy to help you to lighten up.


Lightweight hikers cover longer distances during a normal hiking day or simply use less energy for the same distance.


On our lightweight hikes, you will discover that hiking lightweight allows us to experience nature a lot more intense.

Find out yourself!



In our Lightweight hiking course NordicByNature teaches you about different sleeping-, cooking-, packing- and hiking systems to effectively lighten your load and enjoy a new way of hiking.


Fast and light or maybe rather light and easy, or silent. The advantages of lightweight hiking in comparison to traditional hiking are overwhelming.

NordicByNature guides you on the extensive network of hiking trails in North-Karelia and other places.