Here a list of links to our partners or other places on the web.

Way to go:

The United Nations' Earth Charter; a fundamental piece for all of us. is more and more endorsing it.
Earth Charter

The Wilderness Guide Association this non-profit is likely the best adress for wilderness guides and those who are looking for one.

Partners and friends

Jaakko is a very nordic person and guide and has a great blog:

Page about swimhiking by Peter Hayes, UK

Inventor and manufacturer of our sailing-sets:

NordicByNature uses Water purifiers made by:


"An outstanding winter holiday option in North Karelia":

Puska Nordic trails


High quality high rope adventure in Joensuu:

Treetop adventure park.


Survival Guild of Finland:


Ilustration and Grafik:


Geoffrey McMullan, expert on nature awareness and author of the Discover Nature Awareness books

Makers and distributers of skis, sliding snowshoes and a lot more:

NordicByNature uses Picogrill woodstoves. Lightweight, durable and environmentally sound.

Our guides are trained in wilderness first aid by Wilderness Medical Associates.


Useful infos

Naturally nordic weather:

Hiking in North Karelia:

Map services and other information:
National Land Survey of Finland