Solos have always been part of human life. In some cultures they still play a big role and are often connected with rites of passage and vision quests.

A solo is usually a certain amount of time alone in a defined space in nature. Depending on intend, a solo is more or less minimaistic, but in general the focus is on spedning time with "oneself" instead of engaging in activities.

People who have done one or more Solos will often remember them as important milestones in their lives.

At NordicByNature we have experience in preparing and conducting solos and are happy to create a situation for you that allows you to have a safe and memorable solo.

NordicByNature guides you to and through a solo and also takes care of you before and after.


Besides organizing different kinds and length of Solos, we also teach the use of Solos, for example to youth workers and teachers.

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