Other Services and Projects

NordicByNature has experience and ambitions in some other areas. We are strongly engaged with local initiatives and are in the process of establishing different projects.

  • Verticality and Climbing
    Over 15 years of experience in sport climbing and the teaching of industrial rope access techniques makes us likely the most experienced provider of these services in the area.
  • Forest School
    A project to provide teaching in sustainable living to all ages in cooperation with other local institutions
  • Natural Transition Project
    A project initiated by NordicByNature aiming to provide initiation into adulthood and teaching of important nature- and survival knowledge in cooperation with other institutions.
  • YouTurnTime
    The project that might change and safe the world. Obviously this is work in progress, so stay tuned.
  • Environmental consulting
    In the past we have repeatedly advised businesses and organizations on environmental policy issues.