Survival Basics/ Reality Survival

NEXT COURSE: "Reality Survival" 17.-19. September 2021

Two "Supershelters" heated by one fire.
Two "Supershelters" heated by one fire.

Avoid the negligent suicide of the modern human experience and learn the basics of survival:

Know and cover your six survival priorities, identify the two types of survival situations, learn about preparedness, create two very different survival kits, understand wilderness- & real-life survival and the principles of nature connection.

Discover the S.T.O.P.-tool for dealing with survival situations.

●● The "Survival Basics" (read about "Reality Survival" below) course is a hands-on experience of a simulated survival scenario with guidance and instruction. 

A valuable and exciting experience for everyone with a belly button.

You will learn the essentials about preparedness, planning, improvisation, decision making and prioritizing.

Contents of this course (theoretical & practical lessons):

  • Prevention of survival situations and risk reduction in every day life
  • The mindset of survival
  • Building a survival kit for the time of the training
  • Strategies and priorities
  • Covering the essentials: Shelter, food, water, fire, locomotion, health & hygiene, rescue/ signalling, dangers
  • Making and using different tools
  • Understanding the principles and benefits of nature connection.

Accommodation will be build from natural materials and the contents of the survival kit.

●● REALITY SURVIVAL, September 2021 

The course starts on Friday, 17.9. at 15.00 in the ResilienceHub NomadTown and lasts until Sunday, 19.9., 17:00. 

The course is differing somewhat from the "Survival Basics" as half of the course happens on the premises of the NomadTown. The course has thus an urban component and aims to explore the reality of our times and identifies ways to survive and thrive in these times with the highest possible resilience and least possible impact.

The "Reality Survival" course has a special price of 99€/person.

Prices and Booking

Duration: Friday 10:00 until Sunday 16:00
Group size: min 4, max 10
Minimum age: 12 (participants under 18 only together with legal guardian)
Price per person: 222 € (discounts for groups and students available. The "magic hat" is often an option. Price and money-alternatives can be discussed).

Early-bird Discount: 10% discount if you book 2month in advance).

SPECIAL: The ••"Reality Survival"•• course of September 2021 is a one-off with a 99€ price tag with students in mind. No discounts available for this course.


Included in this offer:
Guiding and training, required materials for the training, some foods and drinks


Clothing for the season and weather and contents of the packing list (will be sent after registration). 


Guy S. about "Survival Basics"
I signed up for the Survival Basics course in order to learn a few key skills and have some fun. This experience turned out to be life-changing for me. The information alone was worth the investment - and went into far greater detail than I'd imagined it could in the time. But the most valuable aspects for me include learning to access my natural resourcefulness and mindset for sustainable survival. Huck's guidance was brilliantly patient, informed and clear. I am now far better equipped - both physically and mentally - to survive in the forest or in the city! Thank you!



Article (in Finnish) from 10.4.2015 in the student magazine Uljas about the Survival Basics course.

Reality Survival