Survival, big time

The real thing. Finding that we are in a survival situation of the second kind (the one that slowly develops) we have to act accordingly and with all our power. All our power means each of us doing everything possible. This is very serious and I'd urge you to read on. You will find tips, that can help ensuring your survival in the wild and in the world.

Survival situation yes or no?

Most of us humans would see ourselves under at high risk of  extinction in the wild, which qualifies us as an endangered species.
We have changed the environment that made our life possible in the first place. Right now we consume the equivalent of 1.5 earth per year, which is not sustainable. This in return means that our long term survival is not possible in the way we live right now as a global community.
At the same time, we never had so harsh problems to fight, all of them being symptoms. Instead of fighting symptoms, we have to fight the cause.

STOP & GO (acronyms)

When in a survival situation, the "STOP" and "GO" acronyms will help you not to panic, make a suitable plan and get your way out of the situation.

S =
Stop, Sit down (go for a Solo?)

T = Think, about your priorities and y/our situation (the biggest picture)

O = Observe and Orientate; what are your options, possibilities, limitations, skills, risks, potentials, wishes, needs, ...

P = make a Plan by relating your situation and priorities with your observations.

After making a plan, put it into action asap. It's for you to do it.

G = Be Good. Life is about being good. Act and think as good as you can.

O = Be One. You depend on the rest of nature and vice versa. You are responsible for the world. Act, think and feel as one and follow the three laws of nature.


The three laws of nature

Following the three laws of nature is needed for long term survival.

1. Take as much as you need to survive but not more.
2. Give back as much as you took, but not more.
3. Think and Act towards the common good of the global community of life at all times.

Be the change we need to see

Be the change we need to see in the world.
Your survival depends on the world and the world depends on you. Take responsibility and be part of the solution and not part of the problem.
Replace quantity with quality, fiction with reality and money with time. Reduce, reuse, recycle,rethink, reconnect and re-be.

Think globally and act locally. Share what you have and what you know.
It's for your survival.
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