Prices and booking

3-5h courses& programs

Duration: 3-5h

Group size: min 2, max 24

Price per person per session when booking:

  • one session: 33 €
  • two sessions: 30 €
  • three sessions: 27 €
  • four or more sessions: 22 €

Weekend courses

Duration: Friday 15:00 until Sunday 15:00
Group size: min 2, max 15
Minimum age: 12 (participants under 18, depending on course, only together with a parent)
Price per person: 222 € (discounts for groups available)



Daily rate

One guide 24h: 240 € incl. VAT


Travels/ CO2

In our efford to create win-win-win situations in our service, we aim to establish a balance between us humans and our natural environment.
We do this by:

  • passing on the lessons we learned about our responsibility towards the natural world.
  • contributing to the work of environmental organisations.
  • reducing and offsetting the CO2 emmissions of our services.

Since you are directly involved with this, we would like to ask you to contribute equally. To offset for example the emmissions of our car travels, we take the price of 0.44€/km and split it in half. Half of this money goes to fund offsetting-projects and environmental projects.

We would like to invite you to take your share.