Retreat at the back of beyond (Hevonkuusi)

Ever been to "Hevonkuusi"?
This winter retreat to the back of beyond is everything at once and the joy of nothingness at the same time.
With a small group of up to eight people we will spend one week (six nights) in and around a small cabin called "Hevonkuusi" (lit. "Back of beyond").
As can be expected there is no electricity, no running water and no time - but a lot of wilderness instead.
NordicByNature guides have found tracks and signs of over 20 species inside a 2km circle around the cabin, including the big four: Bear, Wolf,  Lynx and Wolverine.

Hevonkuusi cottage with woodshed 


NordicByNature programs focus on awareness, education and survival.

Since this is a retreat you can choose how much you want to take part in offered lectures, circles and activities.
Here is what you can get:
  • guided excursions and tracking trips around the area
  • nature awareness and nature observation training and excursions
  • training in basic survival skills
  • Sauna
  • Time and space for yourself (meditation, sleeping, forest bathing, nature observation, ...)
  • Silence and fresh air
  • Sleeping inside the heated cabin or outside in the open or in a self made snow shelter
  • Circles for sharing/ talking/ listening/ dreaming/ thinking/ laughing/ crying/ singing
  • A 24h assisted solo / vision quest, potentially surrounded by water inside your snow shelter with a warm sleeping bag.

Nature is home.

The idea of the retreat is to give you a time and place off.
Our guides share with you skills, knowledge and perspective to make you feel home, safe and comfortable in nature.
During excursions and exercises we will help you to connect with the nature around and within you.

We share with you survival and wilderness skills and train your senses and your nature awareness.
You will have opportunity to get to know details of the area. (Who else is living here? How are we connected?)

Towards the end of the retreat we offer you the possibility of an assisted 24h solo.
Solos, also called vision quests, are powerful experiences which can help you find answers to your questions and understand your life and your reason. "What is my why?"

This retreat is for adults who are open minded and who might feel disconnected from nature.
Languages are Finnish and English. German is also spoken.

How? / logistics

Travel to Metsäkartano by your own means. Pick-up from Nurmes or Rautavaara can be arranged.
From Metsäkartano we will hike together to Hevonkuusi.
Part of the retreat is that we get to know each other and live together. 
For this reason we cook for and with each other with provided ingredients. The provided food will be vegan (unless you like to fish) and mostly organic and local.

Equipment for activities and the solo are provided by NordicByNature. You should however bring your own sleeping bag. Winter sleeping bags can be borrowed for a small fee.
If you have own forest skis or snow shoes you should bring them, otherwise your can rent them at Metsäkartano.

Prices and booking

Duration: Monday 20.2. until Sunday 26.2.
Group size: max 8, min 4
Minimum age: 16 (participants under 18 preferably together with a parent)
Price per person: 433€ 

We are somewhat flexible when dealing with money by the way of accepting other forms of exchange instead of money. 

The exchange must be of equivalent value in the eyes of NordicByNature. 


Included in this offer:
Guiding and training, required materials, food ingredients and drinks, accommodation.

Please note that all NordicByNature programs are compensated to be CO2 neutral and that NordicByNature is operating on the basis of a strict and unusual code of ethics, ensuring that you, nature and we benefit equally.

Please contact us with any further question about your participation and booking.