Nature awareness& Nature education

Are you aware what "nature" is?
A definition? The wilderness? The forest? Your garden or pet?

And what role do we, as humans, play in nature? Do we need nature and does nature need us?
Do we have to obey the rules of nature? How do we do this?
What are the rules of nature?

What is our "natural history" as human beings on this planet?

What does it mean to be and live true to our nature as human beings?

And finally:
How can we increase our nature-awareness?

How do we make best use of our senses?
How do we see, smell, hear, taste and feel more?
How can we avoid being "sensed" by our natural predators?
How to sense our natural environment and interact with it?


The answers to many questions can be found by increasing our awareness of the natural world.
After "leaving" the tight bond with the rest of the natural world behind us, we became strangers to the basis of our own survival and to our own nature as "intelligent animals".

In our modern world, with complex social structures, globalization, technical developement and huge environmental threats, our role has dramatically changed.

Most people do not know what role that is and this creates conflicts with our human identity.

offers you walks, talks and activities, that will help you understanding and remembering our human nature.

For those interested, we also provide advice, guidance and assistence for solos.