Wilderness Skills

Wilderness Skills are skills that allow you to spend extended periods of time in nature, while being safe and comfortable.

Unlike hiking, where the focus is on covering distances, the “Bushcrafter” might spend more time in the same area.


NordicByNature teaches you these skills in courses and on trips/ camps.

Our service is for everyone, no matter if you are young or old, experienced or beginner.


 Wilderness skills include and go beyond (in no specific order):


-Building of shelters

-Navigating with map, compass, natural signs

-Passing obstacles while on the move

-Using& improvising boats, skis, snowshoes

-Tracking, fishing, hunting

-Using tools like knife, saw, axe

-Using cordage& ropes

-1st Aid

-Collecting wild food


-Utilizing natural materials

-Understanding and interacting with nature


3-5h courses

Find the perfect course for your family, group, schoolclass or company.

Please note:

You might find that our Nature-awareness walks and talks of equal length meet your needs better.


Fire 1

Learn the essentials of the fire craft:

  • How to keep it safe
  • Choosing and building a fireplace
  • When to use what kind of fire
  • What wood for what kind of fire
  • How to start a fire with matches/ lighter and firesteel
  • How to put out a fire

Fire 2

Need more skills? In this course you will learn:

  • How to make fire in rain
  • Different kinds of fire
  • Improvised fire lightning techniques (no matches, no lighters)
  • Using fire as a tool


Shelter 1

Shelters provide protection from the elements. Building shelters is an essential skill for the bushcrafter. In this course you will learn:

  • What to keep in mind when choosing a shelter site.
  • How you can use a tarp when building a shelter.
  • Useful knots for shelter construction.
  • How to improvise poles and stakes.

Shelter 2

Tarps and ponchos are great for building shelters. When lacking those, the skill of building shelters of natural materials is crucial.

In this course you will get an introduction to natural shelters.

  • Choosing a shelter site.
  • Using suitable materials for natural shelters.
  • Improvising cordage.
  • Using shelters in combination with a fire.

Wintershelter 1

Winter shelters offer different challanges and possibilities than summer shelters. In this course we focus on conventional shelters utilizing tarps and ponchos. You will learn about:

  • Limitations due to snow and ice
  • Possibilities due to snow and ice
  • Using tarps, ponchos and tents in snow and ice
  • Improvising stakes and anchors in snow and ice

Wintershelter 2

This course is focussing on different shelters utilizing snow and other natural materials. Depending on snow conditions the course will cover different suitable snow shelters.

  • Different types of snow shelters and safety issues
  • Choosing a shelter site
  • Tools for snow shelters
  • Building a snowtrench
  • Building of a quinzee
  • Digging a snowcave
  • Making snow blocks for building



The mayor tools for the bushcrafter are knife, saw and axe. They all can be useful but also potentially dangerous or useless if used incorrectly.

In this course you will learn how to handle knife, saw and axe in safe and efficiant ways.

  • Using and handling of knives.
  • Usng and handling of axes.
  • Using and handling of different saws.
  • 1st Aid for typical wounds caused by knives, saws and axes.

Ropes, Cordage and Knots 1

Knowing about the usefulness of ropes and cordage is essential for the bushcrafter. In this course you will learn:

  • Choosing the right rope and cordage for the right purpose.
  • Transporting, storing and caring for ropes and cordage
  • Basic knots and lashings for the bushcrafter

Ropes, Cordage and Knots 2

Advanced skills and knowledge allow you to improvise cordage for different purposes, use lashings for building shelters or rafts, move heavy loads. This course covers:

  • Improvising and making cordage from natural materials
  • Pulley systems and winches

If you are interested in abseiling, climbing and professional rigging techniques for rope access; please click here.

Prices and booking

Duration: 3-5h

Groupsize: max 24

Price per person per session when booking:

  • one session: 30 €
  • two sessions: 27 €
  • three sessions: 24 €
  • four or more sessions: 20 €

Discount of 10% per person when booking as a group of 6 people or more.

Booking: Please click here.