Budget Wilderness Weekend

Upcoming dates:

4.-6.11.2016, still places available!

End of autumn in Finland is so beautiful.
Learn how to feel good in the woods, the place we once knew to call home.
An expert guide will show you a lot about the Finnish nature (and culture) and at the same time you will learn how to be safe and comfortable when going to the forest.


Please read what makes this a typical NordicByNature wilderness experience.

This weekend is specially designed for students and others who might be on a small budget!


The focus of the wilderness weekend is to make you feel comfortable and safe when going to the forest.
At the location, we will spend all the time outdoors, including the nights.


You will learn basics about hiking, camping, nature observation, fire making, fishing, fauna and flora.
The weekend will increase your nature awareness and you will be able to learn some essential wilderness skills.

While we will do some walking, the focus of this weekend is not on hiking, but on being in the woods and having a good time.
This means that you need only a very average fitness level and no prior experience.


Guiding will be provided in English (German and Finnsih are also spoken).



This is how it works:


NordicByNature provides:

  • Same quality guiding and teaching as always.
    This includes lessons and exercises in
    nature awareness and wilderness skills.
  • A big part of the required gear and tools.
    This includes shelters, pots, cups, knives, fire-tools, fishing gear, ...

Your part:

  • Transportation
    The destination varies by group and season, but it will be within reach of local public transport or bicycle.
  • Gear
    Sleeping bag, Isolation mattress, backpack (>60L), spoon, water bottle, suitable clothing, headlamp/torch, personal hygiene& 1st Aid
  • Food
    Food preparation will happen over open fires. You need to bring your own food for 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and snacks
  • Group/ Advertising
    Wildernessguides are not the best with computers and marketing. Please invite your friends to join you and tell others how good it was.


NordicByNature is happy to give advice for "Your part". What food is good? How best to get to the location? What gear should I buy?


Please note:
If you are lacking own gear, you can rent from us for a reasonable price.

Prices and Booking

Duration: Friday 12:00 (or earlier upon agreement) until Sunday 15:00
Groupsize: max 15
Minimum age: 12 (participants under 18 only together with a parent)
Price per person: 85 €


Book here or contact us if you have any questions or comments.