Shelter from two rescue blankets by the fire. The freedom you get when you learn how little you need, makes easily up for the inconveniences of giving up the things that are only nice to have.

Survival courses



September/ October 2021


Is Survival about getting back to civilization?
How about right now; do you actually survive?

The survival topic is huge. It is the essence of our lives and goes far beyond enduring a seemingly tough time in the woods.

In our courses NordicByNature teaches you the mindset you need for survival. This, and a variety of different wilderness survival skills will give you a great confidence and increases your chances of survival.
In the woods and in the city.

So no matter if you want to challenge yourself, learn something literally for life of just want to have fun. You will be able to find all of the above in our courses.

In terms of survival, our courses will help you to stay calm and focused. You will know what to prioritize, how to proceed and what to do.


If you want to put your skills to a test, you can also do so in our survival trips, where we simulate realistic scenarios.