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Nature awareness walk:

"Everybody was really excited and happy about the great experiences yesterday in the forest. (...) we will for sure recommend you everywhere and will revert to you next year."



Guy S. about "Survival Basics"
I signed up for the Survival Basics course in order to learn a few key skills and have some fun. This experience turned out to be life-changing for me. The information alone was worth the investment - and went into far greater detail than I'd imagined it could in the time. But the most valuable aspects for me include learning to access my natural resourcefulness and mindset for sustainable survival. Huck's guidance was brilliantly patient, informed and clear. I am now far better equipped - both physically and mentally - to survive in the forest or in the city! Thank you!



Rudolf K. about "Budget Wilderness Weekend":

"(...) the weekend was an exceptional experience in nature that took me out of my everyday life and provided me with important Life-knowledge.

Not only this experience, but also learning to live with nature, that forest can taste like marzipan, how privileged we humans are and everything that we should actually know gets a whole new sensation after this weekend. Exciting people need these exciting experiences!"


Niina T. about "Survival Basics"
The whole course was probably one of the most memorable experiences in my life, I bet I'll tell about it to my hypothetical offspring so much they will be sick of it. I haven't been in the army or in the scouts, so the course will be my nearest equivalent to them. Before the course I was sure that it would teach me a lot, I would experience new things and it would be quite unpleasant at times. The course turned out to be MUCH MORE: I learned and experienced SO MUCH MORE than I thought (and it was also way more unpleasant than I imagined... hehe). It was also amazing to realize how little you really need. It's been a couple of weeks since the course ended, but I still talk about it to my friends nearly everyday.