Why is NordicByNature different?


Everything you see around yourself (including your computer screen) ultimately comes from nature.

Everything in nature is free and nobody can make profit from nature's produce.
NordicByNature tries to leave the recent (!) idea of financial profit behind; ultimately becoming a non-profit organization.
The provided services aim to promote nature awareness and a life-philosophy that seeks to be in harmony with the rest of nature.

We invest a lot of effort to ensure that we create a win-win-win situation.

For you, for us and for the rest of nature.
We use the United Nations' Earth Charta as a guide for responsible and sustainable services and as a founding member of the wilderness guides association we fully endorse the WGA's code of ethics.

While NordicByNature has to support a small family with still needed financial resources, we are more than happy to exchange our services for goods or work instead of money.

However, even if we must call ourselves a business, we do not exploit or abuse our natural surrounding for the sake of your adventure and our profit.

Being good in/to nature

Humans are nature. NordicByNature wants to help re-learning this connection, interaction and dependency, while doing our best to get "back into balance".

When we humans are in nature, we always leave traces of our presence.

"Nature" as we call it does not benefit from us very much.
In all our activities, we try to keep our impact low and make sure that nature benefits from our presence and activities in the short- and long term.


NordicByNature is designed to create a win-win-win situation for everybody involved. This is not only You and us, but also our natural surroundings where we offer our activities.

We do this by:

  • contributing to nature conservation projects.
  • teaching minimal-impact practices.
  • teaching nature awareness.
  • promoting and endorsing the earth charter.
  • minimizing our ecological footprint (and we mean mini-minimizing).
  • working in cooperation with locals.
  • offering food that is local and organic whenever possible.
  • Offering you help to fall in love with nature.
  • Offering sustainability consulting.

Keeping the benefit for all of nature in mind, all programs are mainly offered to those who are in the North Karelian area anyway, as we do not wish to encourage the use of fossil fuels for excessive traveling. In the past we have turned down requests by people who would have come flying.