Tracking Course


     Spring 2019

A crime scene?



NordicByNature is pleased to organize this high end Tracks & Signs course.

The Tracks & Signs identification is one of the most common tracking disciplines in the world.

It's based on the identification and interpretation of tracks and signs that could be found in nature.

Following the Cybertracker Conservation education method, track & sign specialist evaluator” José Mª Galán (Spain) is the trainer of this course.


You will learn the principles, mindset and language of tracking as well as reading the tracks and signs from a variety of animals.


The aim  of the course is to train participants to design outdoors activities based on the interpretation of footprints and tracking mammals, which makes this course very valuable for youthworkers, wildernessguides, parents and everybody.


When & Where:
The course will be 4full days in the end of April or beginning of Mai 2019 near Rautavaara/ Nurmes.


For who:

This course is for naturalist interested in identifying species based on tracks and wildlife evidence. Previous experience is not necessary.


While not a participation criteria, it is explicitly wished for that participants are motivated to pass on the new skills and knowledge after the course.

Due to adults’ average slow learning speed, this course is mainly designed for adults. However, children who are independent enough and accompanied by a parent can also join.


Estimated costs per person are 333€.
This is a very tight calculation and not targeted at making profit.
We will use a magic hat system so that you can contribute more or less according to your budget.

It is also possible to contribute with food donations.

Please be aware that some of the money is also used to set off the emissions caused by this course.

Payment cash on spot in the magic hat (also against receipt), via banktransfer or other options than money (to be agreed).


How to register:


NordicByNature via or

Huck via


Contact is also possible via phone +358 443 566 663

There is space for max 15 participants.

It is recommended to

Tell us about your interest soon!



Looking forward to welcome you to this course !!!

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Cybertracker evaluator J.M. Galán explaining dung-beetle tracks in spain